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Investment in France for individual non-European investors and entrepreneurs

In order to meet the expectations of demanding investors, Axone Invest has decided to implement and set up a coordination service with the support of trusted partners present in France and in the local countries of residence of the entrepreneurs aspiring to invest in France or to locate a part of their economic and / or financial interests.

A range of exclusive services for non-European investors has been developed. This offer involves presenting an eligible investment project to the program of issuance of a French resident card of 3 years or 10 years, in exchange for making an investment in productive assets in France.

Axone Invest will have, in the end of 2013,  a multi-country and multilingual desk located in Dubai in order to answer to all requests of its customers worldwide.

This dedicated team will be in charge of the commercial and administrative representation abroad  of the Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) developed and managed by Axone Invest on behalf of investors and  the management of administrative aspects for French resident card applications.

The offer of investment company is made by the international network of investments services providers (banks, lawyers, accountants, etc.) to their customers through business partnerships or engagement letters services.

The entrepreneur / investor could rely on a full service provided by Axone Invest with the support of referral consultants located at his usual place of residence.


An offer multiservices and multilingual in support of an expert
network in France and on the international stage,
in coordination with the usual advice of every entrepreneur/investor

10 reasons to invest in France


  • One of the world's largest economy
  • A country open to international investment
  • A dynamic market, gateway to the EMEA
  • Efficient connections with Europe and the world
  • A very competitive site
  • A skilled workforce and productive
  • Taxation system aiming at of competitiveness
  • R & D and innovation as national priorities
  • Sustainable development and the knowledge economy
  • A recognized quality of life
Source : AFII, investinfrance.org, juillet 2012

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Axone Invest, spécialiste reconnu des investissements dans les sociétés françaises depuis 1994, a décidé de répondre aux besoins de ces entrepreneurs en imaginant et en développant un modèle économique adapté et performant leur permettant d’obtenir une carte de résident économique française dans des délais inférieurs à trois mois.
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